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About Aubert Auctions & Antiques
Who is behind Aubert Auctions and Antiques?

A local family business since the 1930's and Dave Aubert brings over 40 years of that experience to your door. In 1974, Dave became the youngest auctioneer to be licensed in the State of New Hampshire. In the Fall of 1979, Dave began advertising Aubert Auctions and Antiques with local media offering home visits to purchase outright gold, silver and various other objects of value. His reputation speaks for itself with over 40 years of experience evaluating antiques, jewelry and coins in the Northeast and St. Petersburg, Florida area.

What does Aubert Auctions and Antiques offer?

Aubert Auctions evaluates all of your antiques, jewelry & coins for purchase.

How can you get your items evaluated?

Call for an appointment at one of the numbers listed to make an appointment for Aubert Auctions & Antiques to come to your home for a personal evaluation.

How will you get paid for your items?

Aubert Auctions and Antiques pays you on-the-spot for all purchases at the time of service.